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Andy Dick was drunk, rude and obnoxious on Friday night.

In other words: he acted like himself.

At an end-of-summer bash at LG House in Malibu for VH1’s Celebreality franchise, 24 Sizzler says Dick was kicked out after a series of incidents.

One of them involved new reality TV star Scott Baio and his sort of attractive girlfriend, Renee Sloan.

Reportedly, Andy berated the valet parking attendants for not taking his car because the valet was closed. At that, the former Charles in Charge star said: “Stop breaking balls and get inside the party!”

Then, it just got weird: Dick went over to Baio and kissed him on the lips, causing Sloan to stop up and scream: “Stop kissing my man!”

We hear that’s similar to what Howard K. Stern’s girlfriend told Larry Birkhead.

Later on, Dick told party-goers he wanted “to kick Scott Baio’s ass!” And when the ridiculous actor was being escorted out, the Amy Winehouse song “Rehab” was playing.

Such delicious irony.