PETA Peeved at Whoopi Goldberg

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PETA might hate The View more than Donald Trump does.

First, the organization that loves animals more than people got mad at Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Then again, most Democrats do this on a daily basis.

Now, however, it's rightfully taking exception to comments Whoopi Goldberg made during her very first day as co-host of the show.

For some reason, the comedian chose to defend that puppy-murderer, Michael Vick, stating that dog fighting is almost a cultural norm in the south and that the ex-quarterback didn't understand how serious an offense he had committed.

At that, PETA President Michelle Cho fired off an email to Whoopi that said:

"I think a lot of people who live and work in the South - as PETA does - will not appreciate the "view" that cruelty to dogs is an accepted Southern pastime. Those who fight dogs do so in New York, Chicago, and even the Republic of Ireland, and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness, not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast."

Cho went on to say that "animals are as vulnerable to abuse as children are, and they need your voice more than Vick does right now."

That's actually well said by PETA. It's the most sensible they've been since they used Holly Madison nude photos as part of a campaign against fur.

Might viewers start clamoring for a Rosie O'Donnell return soon?

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