Model: Drag Photos of Oscar De La Hoya May Be Faked

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The woman who says she took revealing and borderline nude Oscar De La Hoya photos of the boxer wearing women's lingerie is changing her story.

Just days after she claimed the drag pictures were "not Photoshopped," model Milana Dravnel now tells the New York Daily News that she "cannot personally... verify the authenticity of the images."

Oscar De La Hoya Pitches

Pictures of Oscar De La Hoya naked or dressed in drag "were taken from my personal camera and were out of my control," Dravnel said, adding she was "pressured into going public with the photos by individuals with improper motives who acted solely for their own financial gain."

Milana Dravnel would not go so far as to say that all the pics of Oscar De La Hoya were doctored. Asked about specific shots â€" such as one that appears to show her getting a hug from the tutu-wearing prize fighter â€" Dravnel declined comment.

Oscar De La Hoya: Champion boxer... and drag queen?

The gorgeous 22-year-old Russian immigrant and model would also not rule out that De La Hoya attended tequila-fueled parties where, according to sources, the Golden Boy dressed up in fishnets, stilettos, panties and a wig.

Sources have also said he took part in role-playing â€" sometimes using the name "Goldie" and pretending to be a squealing girl riding the back of a motorcycle. During one so-called "slumber party," Dravnel and other girls shaved the boxer's legs.

"Mr. De La Hoya and I had a platonic relationship," the former Scores dancer said. "We did not have intimate relations."

Oscar De La Hoya's powerhouse lawyer, Bert Fields, has threatened to use "all legal remedies" to defend his client's good name.

But Dravnel insisted the decision to recant some of her statements "is mine. I have not been approached or paid by anyone to do this."

Last week, Dravnel taped an interview for Entertainment Tonight, due to air this evening, in which she denies that the mortifying Oscar De La Hoya pictures had been altered: "I only agreed to do a television interview ... after I received numerous threats from people who were in control of the images."

Oscar De La Hoya, a champion middleweight who is married, has often had his personal life marred by controversy, having fathered four children by as many women, including a daughter with Shanna Moakler.

Well then. Between Oscar De Lay Hoya, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Alex Rodriguez and O.J. Simpson, the worlds of celebrity news and sports continue to intertwine at The Hollywood Gossip. We can only imagine who will be next.

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