O.J. Simpson Threatened to Kill Local Handyman

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OJ Simpson has some serious rage issues.

Fortunately for a local repairman, only twice has he actually followed through on heated claims that he's going to kill somebody.

Simpson reportedly had an explosive altercation six weeks ago, after he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with an ex-con handyman.

According to the New York Post, O.J. Simpson arrived at the Gonzalez's home 30 minutes after leaving an angry voicemail in which he accused Janos Gonzalez - who Simpson had hired to work at his South Miami home - of sleeping with Christie Prody, the Juice's longtime girlfriend.

According to Marlene Gonzalez, O.J. parked his car - with his girlfriend in the front seat - in the Gonzalez family driveway and he approched Marlene, telling her that her husband had sex with Prody earlier that day.

Her husband heard the commotion and came outside to tell OJ to leave, to which Simpson responded, "Come over here. I'm going to f%*king kill you!"

O.J. Simpson then placed his hand behind him as if he were about to draw a gun, according to Marlene Gonzalez.

"I didn't know if he really had one," she said.

The confrontation lasted less than 15 minutes, ending when Mrs. Gonzalez called the police. O.J. then, you know, drove off.

The Gonzalezes filed a police report against O.J. Simpson, describing the incident as a verbal dispute - no weapons were used.

Janos Gonzalez has denied he ever met Prody, but said that he had heard about Simpson's relationship with her (police have responded to three domestic disputes between 2000 and 2005).

But police reports and court documents obtained by the New York Post and other sources show Prody and Gonzalez did have a past; police busted the pair inside Gonzalez's truck on August 22, 2006 for allegedly having drugs.

Miami police have not pursued the dispute case between O.J. Simpson - who was charged last week with kidnapping and armed robbery, among other felonies - and Janos Gonzalez. But give it time.


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