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We’re 24 hours away from the premiere of Whoopi Goldberg on The View.

We haven’t been this excited about a daytime talk show host since we realized how similar looking Ellen DeGeneres and Zac Efron were.

Anyway, before she goes on the air with Barbara Walter, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar, Goldberg spoke with TV Guide.

TV Guide: You do movies, you have a daily radio show, you had your own talk show… so why The View?
Goldberg: I always liked the show. I always felt if there were a place for me, I’d love to be a part of it, but they always had their hosts. Then I started hearing little rumblings. It turns out that the timing couldn’t be better, and it all worked out.

TV Guide: Why is it a good fit?
Goldberg: I love to talk, and I love these women. Because they have such diverse ideas about things, it’s fun. Also, it’ll help me understand a lot more about what’s going on in the world of pop culture. I don’t know anything about American Idol or who’s married to who or getting divorced from who.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Write these down, Whoopi:

  • Bill Rancic and Giuliana DePandi; Usher and Tameka Foster got married;
  • Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams called it quits.

TV Guide: Is there any subject you can’t wait to sink your teeth into?
Goldberg: Everything! We have an election year coming up, so to sit with all the candidates and hear what their thoughts are will be wonderful. There are a lot of great shows on television and some new ones coming up. There are so many exciting things happening out there.

TV Guide: Did Rosie’s nemesis Donald Trump call to congratulate you?
Goldberg: No, but Donald’s nice.

TV Guide: What’s your catchphrase as moderator?
Goldberg: I am what I am. Me and Popeye.