Josh Kelley Excited to Marry Katherine Heigl

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Well, come on. Who wouldn't be?

Besides crazy fans of Isaiah Washington?

Katherine Heigl at New Year's Even Premiere

Anyway, over a year into his engagement to the Emmy Award winning Katherine Heigl, singer Josh Kelley is ready to start a family.

"I always thought I'd be scared, but I'm ready," Kelley said. "I'm 27, and I feel as though I've done more than most people will do in a lifetime. I'm ready to settle down, start a family and build a little Kelley empire."

The couple, who met when Heigl appeared in a music video for Kelley's song "Only You," got engaged in June 2006.

Kelley is certain that the 28-year-old Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up star, who he will reportedly wed in December, is the right one.

"She's so great," he says of Katherine Heigl and himself. "We're kind of carbon copies of each other in some ways, and we also have our differences."

"I just finished an album called Special Company, which takes me through the emotional roller coaster of getting married," he said. "I'm becoming a real man."

Kelley was performing in Las Vegas Sunday, as part of the Hennessey Artistry Concert Tour, and couldn't be in L.A. to see his girlfriend win the award for best supporting actress in a drama at the Emmys. But he got the news immediately.

"My manager put her phone up to her TV so I could hear her speech accepting the award," he said. "It's beautiful. She works so hard, and she's so deserving of it."

The couple soon spoke by phone, and it was clear the actress was over the moon. "I couldn't even understand what she was saying, she was so excited," Kelley says.


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