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A sexy Evan Rachel Wood kept her white (hot!) gloves on during a special screening of her new musical romance, Across The Universe, Thursday.

The film opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, September 21. Oh, Evan’s boyfriend, Marilyn Manson, waited on the sidelines during the screening.

Evan Rachel Wood Among The Greenery

Evan Rachel Wood says she isn’t a fan of celebrity gossip, but she also recently told reporters that she doesn’t see much of a point in complaining about it.

“I don’t buy when people say [being harassed by celebrity photo agencies] is not their fault, because there is a way to control it. My experience with being famous and other celebrities has convinced me I wasn’t built for it,” she said.

“Maybe it was the way I was brought up, but it is really terrifying for me when a bunch of people are staring at me or chasing me. The other night, people were jumping on the car and banging on the windows. I don’t think people know how scary that is. It is like a strange dream. It becomes animalistic to me, and creepy. But I try my best to stay out of it.”

As for Marilyn Manson, he’s a weird guy. But he’s seen both Evan Rachel Wood and Dita Von Teese nude, so you have to kinda give him props.