Ving Rhames' Dogs Allegedly Kill Somebody

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Here's a story that should make Michael Vick feel a little better.

At least it might... if that disturbed, pathetic waste of oxygen were human, and thus were capable of having feelings.

Anyway. Four dogs belonging to actor Ving Rhames are suspected of having mauled his caretaker, found dead in the property next to Rhames' Brentwood home Friday.

"We removed three mastiffs and one bulldog - they were the size of lions - from Ving Rhames' property," said Capt. Matt Blake of the LAPD, "but we have no solid evidence that they were the cause of death."

Capt. Blake said the victim â€" described only as a 40-year-old African-American male - had access to the Mission: Impossible star's home but appeared to have jumped a fence next door after being mauled.

The animals have been taken to an animal shelter and are being examined for traces of blood, and the case is still under investigation.

Expect PETA to flip its lid over this latest animal tragedy. If its attack dogs (so to speak) aren't too busy mauling that cluck-head Elisabeth Hasselbeck, of course.

Rhames, 48, was not home at the time of the mauling. Which is good, as it means Rhames was spared the canines' wrath. Although if he were there, Ving might have been able to calm the pups down. Okay, we're going to cut this debate short now.

Um, How about that Lauren Conrad? She's pretty.


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