The Hollywood Gossip Asks: Who is Michael Cera?

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Really? You don't know who Michael Cera is?

Best known for the hilarious role of George Michael (NOT the singer/songwriter) on Arrested Development, Cera is now earning appreciation for his role in the upcoming movie Superbad.

Only 19, this young actor also appeared on Veronica Mars, but we think his best work lies ahead. Indeed, Will Ferrell and Andy Samberg may need to watch their backs with this talent on the rise. We wonder if there's room in the comedic world for all these personalities.


After all, there's room in the skanky world for Lindsay Lohan... Paris Hilton... Britney Spears... Kim Kardashian.

You get the idea.


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Michael Cera made us crack up in Arrested Development. Thanks to the movie Superbad, it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. More »
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