So You Think You Can Dance: The Final Four

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We're down to the final four on So You Think You Can Dance, Fox's summer hit and the younger brother, if you will, of the phenomenon known as American Idol.

We've been watching the series and can tell you that it's wide open after all four of the remaining stars turned in stellar efforts last night. Let's size up the ferocious foursome as we prepare for tonight's final So You Think You Can Dance results show.

Danny Tidwell (far left): Danny Tidwell, admittedly, isn't great at ballroom and hip-hop, but he's been called the best of the lot by the judges more than once due to his talent and energy. Must run in the family. The mother of (Blake Lewis look-alike) Travis Wall, last year's runner-up, is Danny's adoptive parent!

Lacey Schwimmer (second from left): Speaking of keeping it in the family, who the heck cares that her brother, Benji Schwimmer, was last year's champion? Give us a single reason Lacey doesn't have the spunk, energy, personality and mad skills to continue the Schwimmer legacy on the show. That's right, there is none.

Neil Haskell (second from right): This dancer - and gymnast - knows it takes a variety of skills to make it in the entertainment business. He sells his routines' characters better than anyone, and Neil remains the most popular with voters due to his charm, ridiculous tricks and good looks. It's tough combination to top.

Sabra Johnson (far right): We've learned this much so far - underestimate Sabra at your peril. She's been under the radar, but Johnson thrives in every situation and style - and may be the most versatile of the final four. The diminutive Sabra can never be counted out, and she certainly came up with the goods last night.

Who will be crowned America's favorite dancer? Stay tuned.