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Paris Hilton may be getting it on with Adrian Grenier.

But this socialite’s best friend has just shoved Paris’ possible affair out of the celebrity news headlines.

And how has Caroline D’Amore accomplished such a feat? She got herself engaged to boyfriend Matthew Ross.

“He just got on his knee, the crazy bastard,” People magazine reports D’Amore romantically said about the big question.

The socialite – who may have less of a defined job that Nicole Richie – added that she was completely taken by surprise.

“I didn’t think he was going to do it for a couple of years, for sure, because I’m not only young in general but young at heart and young in mind, so I just didn’t think that he would think that I was ready, but he just kind of popped it on me. And I said yes.”

Paulina James knows all about being popped on. But we may digress.

Ross and D’Amore have been together for about a year after meeting at a hip Hollywood hangout where Ross was in L.A. casting an upcoming film project. They join Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller has a recently engaged couple.

Previously best known as a core member of Hilton’s pre-jail party posse and a sometimes club DJ, D’Amore is branching out into acting with a leading role in the forthcoming film Pizza With Bullets opposite Talia Shire of Rocky fame.

Caroline also recently launched her own bikini line. She ought to ask Hayden Panettiere or Kristin Cavallari to model for it.

D’Amore got very profound when talking about the 80-year old family heirloom of an engagement ring she was given:

“I’ve seen some women look down at it — like ‘Oh, it’s not some big rock from Tiffany but guess what? There’s not a 100 million of these cut out every day, ready for the next wealthy guy. This is something really special — he couldn’t have given this to any girl in the past — and he’ll never be able to give it to anyone else again! — so it’s just so much more meaningful. That’s why we connect.”

Got that, critics? They connect because he gave her an engagement ring! Now lay off the backs of Caroline D’Amore and Matthew Ross.