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Move over, Raffaello Follieri, a new random boyfriend may be taking over celebrity news headlines.

Michael Lohan is displeased that his ex-wife, Dina Lohan, is such an awful booze hound and role model. Specifically, he’s complaining that she’s shacked up with Jim McMillan in the family’s Long Island home.

The former jail bird is upset that McMillan is involved with Lindsay’s three youngest siblings – but, seriously, Ali Lohan already seems like a lost cause. Nevertheless, Michael’s lawyer, John DiMascio, wrote, the following:

“During my client’s telephone calls with the children, he has overheard Mr. McMillan in the background making inappropriate comments. On a more disturbing note, it appears that Mr. McMillan was inebriated…”

Michael Lohan told The New York Post‘s Kieran Crowley: “Jim McMillan should not be in the presence of my children – especially when I’m being kept from them. He is no example, nor is he a substitute father.”

This may be true, but it’s not as though Michael has ever been a good influence. The man is certainly no Larry Birkhead, as the arrest record of his oldest daughter proves.

And speaking of Lindsay Lohan: despite previous press reports of her returning to Long Island, the drunk is believed to be in a rehab facility in Utah.