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Life is pretty good for Larry Birkhead.

He and 9-month-old Dannielynn recently moved into Anna Nicole Smith’s Los Angeles-area home – and over the weekend, the pair celebrated its first Father’s Day as a family.

“I spent lots of time with her,” Birkhead said to People magazine about little Dannielynn. “Just private time. We had a great day.”

Birkhead and Howard K. Stern arrived in Los Angeles a few days ahead of the guardian hearing. Stern even helped Birkhead settle into the two-story stucco house Smith had shared with son Daniel, who died at age 20 three days after Danielynn was born.

“Honestly, for me, it was really hard,” Stern said. “I was with her when she picked out that house, and for me, pretty much every item brings back memories. And I’m still having problems even accepting the fact that Anna and Daniel are gone. Anna Nicole was my whole joy in life, my whole reason for being.”

At least he can watch Willa Ford portray his former love on screen in the near future.

In a slap to the cute faces of Jayden James Federline and Suri Cruise, Stern – who for now is staying with family in the L.A. area – said Dannielynn is “the most famous baby in America,” but he hopes the attention will cool off:

“Hopefully you will give her some respect and allow her to lead a normal life, or at least as normal of a life as possible.”

Meanwhile, a loving gesture to his daughter, Birkhead said he has no problem with Dannielynn spending time with the people who were in her life before her mother’s death in February. Including Stern.

“Dannielynn seems just as happy as can be,” Stern said. “I wish that Anna could see her now. It’s just horrible that she can’t.”

We agree. And hope this tragedy can put things in perspective for whiners such as Tom Sizemore.