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The last time we heard from Mena Suvari, it was in our celebrity look-alikes feature. She was, unfortunately for her, compared to one of the most recent (and most disgusting) sex tape stars, Flavor of Love: Charm School‘s Jennifer Toof.

Now she’s up against more insane (and only slightly more attractive) competition.

Without flashing her goods, going on an umbrella wielding tirade or driving her career into the ground, Mena Suvari has apparently channeled her inner Britney Spears – by completely shaving her head! Take a look at the two shorn stars below.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Tell us, who makes a better cue ball?

Britney has long since gone wigger on us (that and hair extensions), but Suvari, the 28-year-old American Beauty star, was recently snapped with her new bald done and oversized sunglasses, slithering through L.A.’s Newsroom Cafe last week.

Like Natalie Portman and Demi Moore, props to Mena Suvari for choosing bald pride over Britney-style Weaveguard shame. Props to Mena also for not having kids way too young and ruining their lives with neglect and parental ineptness.