Criss Angel Says He Has No Magic Power Over Women

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No, he's just a man-whore.

"I just live my life," the Vegas magician and Mindfreak star tells Parade magazine about his way with women - such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz and, yes, Britney Spears.

Of the sightings of Angel and Spears, he tells Parade, "She contacted me regarding some live performances. I've designed and created effects for even Steve Wynn's hotel and Le Reve show. It's what I do. They brought me on to discuss the possibility of working on some stuff with her."

"Being that I'm insanely busy, the only time that I had was in the evening. And she was busy doing stuff, so we met in the evening."

Britney? Busy? Doing what, parading around in no underwear and abusing her kids?

Criss Angel also says that he and Britney Spears haven't been left alone together, insisting that "What people fail to see is, when we meet up, there's a lot of other people around a bunch of the time." Except for, you know, between 2-9 a.m. in his hotel suite.

With Angel publicly clashing with estranged wife JoAnn Sarantakos (Angel's real name is Christopher Sarantakos), the 'Freak is asked if he finds the coverage embarrassing.

"Marriage is a very sacred thing. I believe that my divorce is a private matter," he said. "Unfortunately, people think money makes you happy. It doesn't. Money doesn't buy love."

Of Sarantakos, he says, "The thing is, my wife was misguided by her lawyer, who is a celebrity lawyer, who is just out for attention."

Sarantakos' attorney, Dominic Barbara, had no comment on Angel's remarks.


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