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Courtney Love doesn’t really believe in personal responsibility.

Sure, Owen Wilson might have to shoulder some blame for his troubled life. But the crazy rocker also points a big finger at British actor Steve Coogan.

“I went through it with Steve,” said Love, who dated Coogan until an acrimonious split in 2006. She railed against him to Us Weekly.

“I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs,” she says. “I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends … I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy.”

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While this may sound like typical insane raving from Love, former girlfriend Kate Hudson also reportedly would “forbid [Wilson] from letting Coogan into his house. She knew he was bad,” says another source.

“The drugs and partying were a huge factor in the breakup,” says a pal of Hudson, who has a young son, Ryder, with ex-husband Chris Robinson.

“As much as she liked him, she didn’t want to be around that.”

Who would? Well, aside from Kate Moss.

Reportedly, those close to Owen were worried so much about his dependence on hard drugs that Woody Harrelson staged an informal intervention at his Hawaii home in May.

But Wilson continued to withdraw and succumb to depression following his June split from Hudson, who is now dating Punk’d star Dax Shepard (for some reason).

“Seeing her happy with someone else made him happy that she’d found that,” says a Wilson family friend, “but made him hate himself so much more that he could never do it.”