Ali Larter: So in Love

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Heroes star Ali Larter won't reveal the identity of her boyfriend, but she sounds very smitten.

"I'm madly in love," the 31-year-old actress and model tells InStyle Makeover's fall issue, as reported by People. "He just brought light to my life. I feel lucky every morning when I wake up and see him."

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

This mystery man better like children more than Eddie Murphy does, because Larter sees them in her future â€" after her career calms down a bit.

"I'm loving this right now," she says of acting. "But I can't wait for that."

Larter, who plays Niki Sanders on NBC's Heroes, spent many years modeling before she caught the acting bug. She claims, however, that she grew up more as a tomboy than as someone who could ever follow in the footsteps of Heidi Klum or Marisa Miller.

"I had a bowl haircut," she says. "My face was always flushed, and I had one big tooth. I was the sweaty dirty girl, and I'd come home with one sock up, one sock down."

Now that she's found success, Larter says, she and her boyfriend are doing a good job staying balanced, knowing when to turn things up and when to chill out. It's the sort of lesson Britney Spears should probably learn before it's too late.

"Last night I was in my skintight Brian Reyes dress and Louis Vuitton heels. ...Today I packed my weekend bag â€" cargos, sneakers and sweats," she says. "And you know what? I need both. Balance is something that we all strive for, but for me it's to make sure my life has enough downtime, plus a bit of play."

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