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With his ex-wife possibly still dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Phillippe is reportedly back together with his former mistress.

That’s right, folks, there has been another Abbie Cornish sighting.

This Australian actress and Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband supposedly starting having sex… while Ryan was still married.

Ryan Phillippe Looks Serious
(Getty Images for POP & SUKI)


According to that loser celebrity gossip source, Perez Hilton, the pair stopped seeing each other once the affair was made public – but were spotted together again on August 5th in LA’s Franklin Canyon Park.

“They were laughing,” said a witness, “and obviously enjoying themselves.”

Despite the rekindling of this flame, Phillippe is reportedly peeved about the Gyllenhitherspoon romance.

“Ryan is pissed about Jake,” an insider told Us Magazine. Ryan told Reese he “didn’t want ‘that guy’ around their kids and then made some crude Brokeback Mountain remark.”

The actor really sounds mature and level-headed in every way, doesn’t he? Who would’ve guessed that Ryan Phillippe would give Spencer Pratt a run for the title of Biggest Jerk in Hollywood?