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Daimon Shippen is reportedly kind, soft-spoken, strong and good with kids.

He also may or may not have worked for a sex toy and Internet porn company.

Regardless of his past, People magazine reports that his relationship with Britney Spears is (yeah, right) purely professional.

“He’s her bodyguard and manny,” says a source familiar with Shippen, who was first identified yesterday by celebrity photo and news site X17. “They’re not dating.”

Shippen, a California native described by the source as “funny, but on the quiet side,” is “tickled” by the attention from the media.

“But [Daimon Shippen] really wants to focus on his job: taking care of the kids and of her,” says the source.

No word on whether “taking care of” Britney Spears involves making sure she wears underwear out in public, or performing any sort of wheelbarrow act.

Interestingly, People reports that Daimon Shippen was the security guard who helped catch Spears’ son Sean Preston when the singer stumbled in New York in May 2006.

At the time, Daimon Shippen was working for a private security firm.

Shippen and the company parted ways soon after, but Spears recently rehired Shippen independent of an agency. In recent days he has escorted her to a production of Wicked and to church, carrying a crying Jayden James.

The 34-year-old, neckless hunk has also been spotted with Britney Spears at a Beverly Hills hotel where she has been staying recently.

A second source says that despite all the time they’ve spent together, it is “completely false” to suggest Spears is dating Daimon.

“She doesn’t have a nanny,” this source says. “When the kids are with her she takes care of them and she is a very hands-on mom.”

Aww. How sweet. Too bad that’s, like, never.

“[Daimon Shippen] also sometimes helps Britney with children,” the source adds. “She’d like to have them for more time than she does, but Britney is willing to live with the agreement with [Kevin Federline] that she has now.”

Riiight. She doesn’t seem to be so interested in the kids that she’d stay home from the clubs and refrain from drinking once in awhile, but that’s cool.

Spears and Federline, who is reportedly dating Liz Hernandez, currently share joint custody of their sons as per a temporary legal agreement.