Report: Michael Jackson in Poor Health

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And believe it or not, we're not talking about insanity or the side-effects of dozens of plastic surgery procedures this time.

Who would have guessed?

Michael Jackson Autopsy Findings

Michael Jackson's siblings â€" including Janet Jackson â€" and parents are so worried about the failing pop star that they've sent out an emergency 911 call.

Sources tell Fox News that family members contacted Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mesereau, the superstar litigator who got Jackson off (the hook) two years ago in his child molestation trial.

The word from Jacko's parents and siblings is that they've met several times as a family and discussed bringing Mesereau in for an intervention to save Michael.

Mesereau, who did not return calls, is said to be open to finding out what Michael Jackson's true mental and health status is at this point.

Several celebrity news sites report that if the attorney doesn't like what he sees, the Jackson clan will ask him to do something legal to save their brother's life.

Michael Jackson, according to insiders, is in perilous health right now. There is talk that his liver is damaged and that he's been seen vomiting blood.

It's a chilling picture of what Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have to look forward to in 20-25 years. Lushes.

What has been confirmed is that Jackson â€" whose penchant for prescription meds and alcohol is well-known â€" is depressed, alone and getting f*%ked up all the time.

We pray for the safety of his children, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson I, and Prince Michael Jackson II, a.k.a. Blanket.

But it's the two-year isolation from friends and family that worried the Jacksons enough to consider including Mesereau in the conversation.

The culprits are said to be publicist slash manager Raymone Bain and aide de camp slash nanny Grace Rwaramba.

For instance: this column has now learned that Bain has brought Rev. Jesse Jackson on in some kind of executive capacity in Michael's businesses.

Bain and Jesse Jackson have a long relationship, so this is no surprise. But two years ago, it was Jesse Jackson who caused an avalanche in Jacko's finances.

Jesse Jackson, sources say, interfered in Michael's business by attempting to call Bank of America president Ken Lewis to complain that Michael was being "ripped off" in some way over his $270 million.

Lewis refused to speak with Jesse Jackson, so annoyed by Jackson's interference that he ordered the banker in charge of the account to sell the loans to Fortress Investments.

The result was a sale and subsequent refinancing that put the already struggling Michael Jackson another $50 million in the red.

Jesse Jackson had convinced Michael Jackson that business partners Alvin Malnik and Charles Koppelman's plan to bail out the singer was no good.

But in hindsight, he was wrong. Under the original plan, Jackson would only have sold half his interest in the Beatles' catalog (Jacko owned the rights to nearly all the Paul McCartney-John Lennon classics) to Sony.

Now, next May, thanks to the deal, he will have to dispose of all of it.


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