Janet Jackson: How She Stayed Thin

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Move over, Ricki Lake. There's a new thin celebrity in town.

And it's an old thin celebrity: just how has Janet Jackson remained so thin? She recently shed some light on the endeavor with Us Weekly:

Thin Janet Jackson
 On keeping the weight off:
"I have a great support system to keep me on track… But I still don't like working out. It's hard for me. I have to push myself to want to do it."

On the fear of packing on the pounds again:
"I have moments - I crave chocolate, or just want to eat. One thing that helps is getting my clothes altered to fit so I can tell when I gain or lose. I used to wear overalls all the time, and my mom said, ‘Baby, don't do that or you won't know how much you lose.'"

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Nicole Richie has a similar problem - when she turns sideways and disappears, she can't tell... anything about herself.

On how you can look like her:
"If I can do it, anybody can do it. Eating light and clean helps, but you really shouldn't think of it as a diet, otherwise you feel like you're depriving yourself. If you crave something, you should have a little bit of it, then let it go and move on. Do a little exercise so you're back on track."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: It also helps to read about the fake love between Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst. This will cause you to vomit.

On eating right:
"It's about control and it's a balanced diet. Of course I have cheat days! Especially with my dancers, who love to eat. And after a hard day of work, they want to unwind and grab a drink, and alcohol is not good for my diet with all the extra calories. I try to have a glass of wine, but then somebody comes with a lemon drop and it's so good.

You feel like you're drinking cough syrup or candy, and before you know it, the next day comes and you feel it. I make up for it with a few more reps when I lift weights."

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