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Some things are better the second time around. Singer Mindy McCready posed for her second mug shot in less than a week after she was taken into custody at Nashville International Airport last night for a probation violation. 

See above, Mindy McCready’s mug shot from earlier this week (left), and then again last night. Yikes! Looks like that gash on her face is healing nicely, at least!

Mindy was taken into custody last night, TMZ reports. She was arrested at the Nashville International Airport, as airport cops and Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputies waited for her and promptly arrested her as departed her Southwest Airlines flight.

Police in Tennessee had been on the lookout for the former country singer after a warrant was issued for her arrest earlier Wednesday.

Authorities say Mindy McCready violated probation when she was arrested in Florida on charges of battery and resisting arrest, after getting into it with her mother … and cops.

Guess Britney and Lynne Spears have a long way to go until they truly hit rock bottom, huh? Well, we’re confident they can achieve this goal.

Records show McCready was sentenced to probation back in 2004 after being convicted on a prescription drug fraud charge. In the order, filed in Williamson County, Tenn., in November 2004, she was sentenced to three years probation – meaning she only had a few months left.