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Kate Middleton is more than just a possible future queen with a pretty face.

She’s an athlete… with a world record on the brain!

While other famous women close to her age named Lindsay Lohan are being pulled over for drunk driving, Middleton is acting as the steerer/steerswoman with the Scion Sisterhood for the upcoming Collins Stewart Cross Channel Challenge.

The on/off-girlfriend of Prince William is hoping to break a Guinness world record by being among the first all-female crew to row across the English Channel for the charity race in a Chinese dragon boat. That’s pretty cool actually.

Former school friend Alicia Fox-Pitt – who has no relation to either Matthew Fox or Brad Pitt – said: “Kate’s been training with us. All being well she will be in the boat. She is a very gifted sportswoman and we played a lot of sport together at school.”

Fellow crew member Emma Sayle agreed. In fact, her assessment of Middleton had us questioning whether Megan Fox was actually not the world’s most perfect woman:

“Kate’s perfect material for our team. She’s stunning and very feminine but is incredibly sporty. She’s the kind of girl who can take part in a triathlon, get covered in mud and an hour later emerge in a ball dress looking flawless.”

Yup, sorry Megan and Lauren Conrad. But we have a new celebrity crush.