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What was it that spurred John Stamos’ bizarre antics on an Australian talk show last week?

Could it have been too much liquor? Drugs? The inability to shake the image of a grown-up Jodie Sweetin from his brain?

Or none of the above. The “actor” claims jet lag combined with a sleeping pill caused his bizarre behavior during a morning talk show and newspaper interview in the land down under last week.

John Stamos on Busy Tonight

“I was not drinking. I did not drink either morning,” the ER star tells TV Guide. “I do not have an alcohol problem. I am not David Hasselhoff. This is not a pattern.”

Hasselhoff, who earlier this year was videotaped shirtless and babbling incoherently on the floor of his Las Vegas hotel room, has said he is a recovering alcoholic.

Stamos, on the other hand, says jet lag and Ambien led to his odd interview with a reporter from Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and on the Australian TV show Mornings with Kerri-Anne last month during which he slurred his speech, read from a teleprompter and made lewd gestures in front of her.

“By the time I got to Australia my body was so out of whack,” says John Stamos, who has told TV Guide his travel plans had included stops in New York, New Orleans, Greece, Japan and Cairo before landing Down Under on June 21.

A couple of days later, when Stamos was scheduled to promote ER, he says he was still feeling jet lag so “I took a sleeping pill at 5 in the morning, Ambien.”

He says he made a mistake.

“Now I know that Ambien is an eight-hour sleeping pill so if you take it, you better get 8 hours sleep,” he says. “Do not take it at 5 in the morning.”

But John Stamos says he does not regularly take the sleep aid, and would like to make up for the odd behavior.

“I really do feel bad. I hope Australia will give me a change to redeem myself,” he said. “I love Australia. My plan is to retire there, still.”

We hope he gets that chance, and certainly understand a desire to relocate to Australia. Get as far away from those creepy Olsen twins as possible.