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We’ve been hinting at this for months, and have been trying to take the high road, given the star’s tender age. But who are we kidding. Hayden Panettiere is hot enough to stop a clock… such as the one on our home page counting down the days until she turns 18.

Just 21 more days, people. 21. More. Days.

The kick-ass cheerleader from NBC’s sci-fi drama Heroes is the hot cover star of FHM‘s UK October issue. Yes, at the young age of 17, the sexiest girl on one of the world’s biggest shows has entered many a nerd fantasy among fans across the world…

Hayden in 2019

Hayden Panettiere is officially legal next month. Phew.

As much as she plays the part of the “bad girl” at times and is aware of her own hotness, don’t expect her to go all Lindsay Lohan on us as her star power rises.

No, when reading interviews, it’s apparent that Hayden Panettiere is remarkably grounded and mature for her age, making her all the more appealing to celebrity news outlets such as this. Did we mention she’s gorgeous?