Celebrity Gossip: Lindsay Lohan Naked, Teasing Men at Rehab

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It may not be the most reliable celebrity gossip source on the planet, but The National Enquirer is still good for the occasional nugget or two.

And here's a juicy one:

Lindsay on the Roof

Sources are saying that a nude Lindsay Lohan would saunter around Promises rehab facility, taunting guys and, well, just being naked. The insider said our favorite drunk driver recently regaled this tale to pals:

"Lindsay was howling with laughter as she told all her friends, including Bruce Willis' daughter Rumer. They were all giggling too and their eyes were popping out."

Wow. We're not surprised that Lindsay got naked a lot... but she's still friends with Rumer Willis? We'd love to hear any of those conversations.

Does this mean Hayden Panettiere will soon be a Lohan acquaintance as well? Her and Rumer are rather tight, after all.

Lindsay Lohan is partially clothed here. But rumor (and Rumer) has it that she got as naked as Jennifer Toof in rehab recently.

"Lindsay said, 'I drove them all mad wandering around completely naked. They kept telling me to quit, but it was so much fun to tease all those boys. I just couldn't stop it," the celebrity news source said.

Nor could she stop driving drunk and recklessly, of course.

But is anyone shocked? Lindsay Lohan naked and toying with guys? That's a yawner, especially when compared to Heidi Klum nude photos.


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