Brooke Ashley Brinson, Cousin of Paris Hilton, in DUI Bust

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You know what they say. The alcohol-impaired, spoiled, bleach blonde, worthless apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Yes, Brooke Ashley Brinson, a cousin of Paris Hilton, was arrested late last year for DUI and - like her more famous, equally trashy cousin - also had issues with her license.

Next they're gonna tell us she's got sex photos sitting around. Yikes.

Unlike Paris Hilton, however, whose blood alcohol level was just at the .08 that constitutes a DUI in California, Brinson blew at least a 0.15 - which led to another charge of DUI.

Brooke Ashley Brinson Picture
Paris Hilton Mug Shot

What's more, Brooke Ashley Brinson was just 20 years old.

Paris will probably want to avoid using Brooke as a designated driver anytime soon. Brooke was driving a Benz - registered to Hilton - that allegedly caused a four-car collision on the freeway.

Above is Brooke Ashley Brinson's mug shot. Now that's hotttt. Certainly one of the trampier celebrity mug shots we've come across in recent years.

Brooke Ashley Brinson will be back in court on August 3. Below is a picture of these two kissin' cousins - as well as her parents. Doesn't it melt your heart?

No. But somewhere, Britney Spears' cousin Alli Sims is seething that she's no longer Hollywood's best-known cousin of a train wreck.

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Brooke Ashley Brinson Picture
She looks like a cheap hooker and she was recently arrested for DUI. No wonder Brooke Ashley Brinson is the cousin of Paris Hilton. More »
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