Britney Spears In Search of New Career... at Les Deux

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We have no comment on this latest Britney Spears absurdity, so we'll just let the story reported by Us Weekly speak for itself.

The celebrity news source reports that on July 6, the 25-year-old was doing what any recently rehabbed mother of two would: drinking Bacardi on ice at L.A. hot spot Les Deux.

Britney Spears Shower Sex Scene

But then she asked a rather odd question:

Are you hiring?

"Everyone thought she was joking, but she was dead serious!" says an eyewitness, adding that Spears spoke to the manager about it.

As the Les Deux boss fielded her inquiry, Britney Spears diligently took notes.

"She looked through her calendar and said that she couldn't do it ‘this day, this day or that day' because she has [Sean Preston and Jayden James]," says the insider.

"But she asked if she could begin the following Saturday."

Indeed, Britney Spears did arrive at the club again on Saturday, July 14.

None of the higher-ups were there to follow up with her, shockingly.

Why the hell would an international pop star want to work as a waitress? It was all about the uniform (a red corset and tight black skirt), says a club source.

"She was really excited about wearing the outfit, but she asked the Les Deux employees if she could make her own ensemble," a witness added.

So basically, if she likes the outfits of a particular institution, she's gonna want to work there. Someone get her over to a strip club so we can see Britney Spears naked!

Would you want Britney Spears to make you a drink? Or been seen with her at a club, for that matter? This story is about as weird as it gets - even for us.

What's next, fellow club-goers Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag also wanting to join the staff? Is Hyde hiring? What celebrity would you choose to have wait on you?

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