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Britney Spears, a.k.a. “Queen B,” has finally apologized for her crazy, umbrella bashing ways. Yes, America’s most insane pop princess penned a funny note to the celebrity photo agency upon which she infamously unleashed rage en route to rehab in February.

The text of Britney’s note to X17 reads:

Dear X17,
I want to apologize for the past incident with the umbrella. I was preparing a character for a possible movie role where the husband doesn’t play his part so they swap places. Unfortunately I didn’t get the part. I’m sorry I got a l’il carried away with my role!


Huh? Someone was considering Britney Spears for a movie role? This gossip blog is stunned she didn’t get it… although with the shaved head she was rocking at the time of the incident, she could’ve passed for a dude. Of course, she would still have to act.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Regardless, we’re guessing she wishes she could use that umbrella on some people in her life right now. Better watch your back, Lynne Spears.

In other news, the same celebrity news provider is reporting that Britney may release her newest single – from the new album she’s working on – as soon as… this Saturday.

Do we believe this for a second? No. Would a lucky release date of 7-7-07 be enough to propel Britney Spears back atop the charts? Doubtful. Will we stay tuned? You know it.