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Britney Spears feels, like, totally betrayed by her mom, her soon-to-be ex husband, her former manager and Promises, the rehab facility she called home for nearly a month, y’all.

In short, she claims she never had a drug or alcohol problem but was railroaded into rehab.

Sources tell celebrity gossip site TMZ that Lynne Spears, Kevin Federline and then-manager Larry Rudolph all pressured Britney to check herself in.

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We’re told Spears acknowledged having emotional problems after her second child, Jayden James Federline, was born, but strongly maintained she did not have a drug or alcohol problem.

Nonetheless, multiple sources say Kevin Federline effectively forced her into rehab – by threatening to go public by going to court to wrestle custody from her if she didn’t.

Sources say Britney Spears could not withstand the pressure from her mom, Federline and Larry Rudolph, and checked in February 20.

We’re told eventually the professionals believed Spears suffered from post-partum depression, made worse when she stopped taking Prozac.

Britney Spears was also emotionally crumbling at the time because of a messy divorce and increasingly intense media scrutiny.

After leaving Promises, as paparazzi waited for the golden shot of Britney Spears drinking again, she began getting angry that she was at a rehab facility in the first place.

Britney and her cousin/assistant, Allie Sims, called Promises on several occasions, asking for a copy of the report showing she tested positive for drugs or alcohol upon checking in.

TMZ says it took days to get an answer.

Two reports were sent to Britney Spears‘ rep, both showing no drug or alcohol use whatsoever. Most shocking, the first report was dated March 7. That’s 15 days after Britney checked in.

Sources say one of Britney’s reps then called the facility and asked for any evidence of a dirty test, but she was told there was nothing in the file.

The enduring question – if the first test was taken more than two weeks after she checked in, how could they treat her if they didn’t know the problem?

Britney fired Rudolph and has now drawn a line in the sand with her mom.

Despite reports of a reconciliation, and her insistence that her family is strong (heh) Lynne Spears remains on the outs as far as her eldest girl is concerned.

As for Federline, with whom Brit has a temporary custody pact, he’s threatened to go to court and question Britney’s fitness as a mother with every disagreement, a source says.

Spears, who is extremely protective, does not want to expose Jayden James and Sean Preston to a public battle, so she’s caved on many demands.

Britney’s legal team has asked for a “private” judge to handle disputes in a private office (that’s the M.O. of her divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, in celeb divorce cases), away from the cameras, but Federline has insisted that everything be handled at the L.A. County Courthouse, where the media could record everything.

TMZ spoke with Dr. Donna Markus at Promises but she said, because of patient confidentiality, her facility had no comment regarding Britney Spears.

Larry Rudolph and Lynne Spears could not be reached for comment regarding their respective dysfunctional relationships with Britney Spears.

Mark Vincent Kaplan, the lawyer of Kevin Federline, says this in response to the questions of FedEx’s wanting the matter in full view of the public:

“When one person in a divorce has great means and influence, and the other much less so, leaving the case in the public system makes that person more comfortable that they’ll be on a level playing field as the case is heard.”