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Singer Adam Levine, who’s been linked to stars like Jessica Simpson and Natalie Portman, among others, is now dishing out dating advice.

His first tip on getting noticed?

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Put out. Stand out from the crowd.

“Say or do something that’s out of the ordinary,” the 30-year-old man whore says in the August issue of Seventeen magazine.

“It’s not about what perfume you’re wearing or if your shoes are cute. If you do something with purpose that is different than what everybody else does, then it makes you stand out.”

The Maroon 5 frontman, who is currently on tour with his band to promote their latest album (It Won’t Be Soon Before Long), also reveals his major turn-offs:

  1. Not making eye contact.
  2. A lack of self-confidence.
  3. Wanting to sleep over after sex.
  4. Drama.

Guess Heidi Montag is SOL.

“I’ve been with girls who are very dramatic, and to me it’s a waste,” he says. “When there’s constant drama all the time, it’s such a drain on your energy.”

Levine also admits he isn’t attracted to only one type – an opinion corroborated by the fact that he’s slept with many, many girls – and that he believes in love at first sight.

And to answer one of the great mysteries of dating – how to judge a man’s intentions – Adam Levine says women can trust their friends.

“They can provide you with an unbiased opinion of a guy, and if an overwhelming majority of your friends don’t like him, chances are he’s a moron and you shouldn’t date him,” he says.

Another secret? Pay attention to a man’s relationship with his mother. He means his actual mother, not his mother-in-law (cough, K-Fed and Lynne Spears).

“I’m a mama’s boy,” Levine admits. “That’s why I’m nice.”

Guess that’s why Kristin Cavallari is so into Nick Zano.