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Sanjaya Malakar doesn’t seem to know his sister too well.

After being asked about his music – which the crazy-haired former American Idol contestant told The Daily News he wants to “legitimize” – the topic turned to his much better looking sibling.

Will we ever see Shyamali Malakar nude in a magazine?

Nope, Sanjaya claims. He went on to say, “she was never the type to flaunt it.”

Really? Makes us wonder where Malakar was when his sister’s chest was bobbing up and down in the audience of Idol during a taping this season? Or if he simply missed this photo the last time he read The Hollywood Gossip.

Naked truth be told, Sanjaya, there is no “type to flaunt it.” Amanda Beard is an Olympic champion and she’s nude in this month’s Playboy.

Jennifer Toof is a former Flavor of Love girl and she’s getting her ass slapped on film left and right.

Who are we to judge? Or compare the decisions of these women? If a nude Christina Aguilera wants to prance around her house on Sundays, we’re not gonna stop her.

And you shouldn’t speak for Shyamali on the topic, either. Let your sister make her own choices in life.