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We already gave you a Kim Kardashian bush update: she’s dating New Orleans Saints running back, Reggie.

Now, here’s your Kim Kardashian pussy update: she’ll be taking the stage with the Dolls at Caesear’s Palace in a few weeks.

The former Ray J sex tape partner is the latest kitten to follow in the pawprints of other hot stars that joined the Pussycat Dolls in their hit Las Vegas burlesque revue.

Two Pussycat Dolls
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

These would include Scarlet Johansson and Eva Longoria. Meow, indeed.

Sources tell TMZ that there was more to this photo of Kardashian out with Robin Antin (in t-shirt), creator of the Dolls and their hit show. The latter was showing the former some seriously sexy moves, as well.

No word on whether or not the controversial Asia Nitollano will join them on stage, though.

Or how prominent Kim’s Britney Spears‘ like backside will be in her short skirt.