Justin Timberlake: No Jessica Biel On Tour!

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All work and no play make Justin Timberlake a dull boy? Apparently.

In a new interview with the UK's Daily Mirror, Justin Timberlake admits he sent new flame Jessica Biel home from his European tour.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in Love

Why? Because despite fabulous wealth and a host of famous girlfriends, he wants credibility as a real musician, and is focused on putting on a good show.

Jessica Biel wanted to hang around on tour, but JT put the kibosh on that.

Think about this. Turning down opportunities to see Jessica Biel topless in the sink. The man has serious willpower.

What's next, Britney Spears eschewing photo ops with no pants?

According to Justin, a budding music mogul who just signed Esmee Denters to his new record label, Tennman Records, he put Jessica Biel on a plane home because:

"This tour is important to me. I'm doing it really seriously so there's no question of playing sweethearts."

Especially since JT won't even call Biel his special lady yet, even though he's been romantically involved with her since January; she's just a "very dear friend."

Justin should be careful, though. With a body and face like hers, Jessica could be somebody else's "very dear friend" before long. Once we learn who her new Cash Warren-like fella is, we'll let you know.


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