Esmee Denters Signed to New Justin Timberlake Label

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Jessica Biel may be Justin Timberlake's lady in love.

But in the music world, he's linking up with a new cutie - Esmee Denters, who he says "is the real deal" and "cannot wait for the world to hear her."

Do you doubt that the award-winning pop and R&B artist has an ear for talent? Our celebrity gossip staff writers sure as heck don't.

Which is why we're pleased to report that the young online sensation has become the first artist signed to Justin's new label, Tennman Records.

Yes, an Internet phenomenon that doesn't involve sex tapes. Amazing, we know.

"In completely unpredicted news to all YouTubers and bloggers, we are proud to announce Esmee Denters has signed to Tennman Records and she will be joining me on tour this summer," Justin said via a press release.

"Esmee is the real deal and I cannot wait for the world to hear her, but all of her fans on YouTube should not worry ... we will keep you in the loop every step of the way," said Timberlake, Chairman/CEO of the label.

Esmee Denters was equally ecstatic:

"Words can't describe how amazing it is. I am so excited! It is something I have always dreamed of. I have to thank YouTube and its viewers for giving me the opportunity to show the world my voice. I also have to thank Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest artists in the world, for believing in me and making my dreams come true," Esmee said.

Esmee Denters is one of the most notable singers-songwriters to gain attention strictly as an Internet performer. Born in the Netherlands, she grew up with the intent of becoming a social worker. But in 2006, using a webcam, she began to post videos of herself singing others' pop songs and her own compositions.

The 18-year-old with a soulful voice beyond her years quickly became a YouTube celebrity. Below is a short (two-minute, 45-second) clip of Esmee Denters covering - who else - Justin Timberlake, in a soulful version of "What Goes Around."


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