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Pop quiz time, readers of The Hollywood Gossip. Which is scarier:

Unfortunately for concert-goers below, they were faced with both these disasters. If you thought Kim Kardashian and her huge ass were frightening, well, you were right. But these pics are a close second:

Brooke Hogan at 2017 Grammys
Photo via Getty Images


Despite often wearing the same outfit as Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Audrina Patridge would most likely avoid this ugly western look. So would any celebrity with two working eyes.

We suppose fans in attendance should at least be thankful that Brooke didn’t go all Akon on them and body slam anybody to the ground. But it appears as though this behemoth could do so if she wanted to, doesn’t it?

In the end, we’d prefer to be Cynthia Rodriguez walking around Boston than anyone stuck listening to, and looking at, this train wreck.