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Well, it sure looks like Britney Spears is taking control of her life.

Whether that’s a good thing, though, is subject to great debate.

She fired manager Larry Rudolph and ostracized her own mom, Lynne Spears, for quote-unquote forcing her into rehab. What overprotective bitches, indeed.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Now, Jayden James‘ once-hot mama is getting all on her high horse and throwing fits over something different – a photo shoot regarding her popular perfume line.

“There was a shoot last week in L.A. for a new perfume Britney’s coming out with and something happened,” according to a source, quoted by the New York Post, regarding the bitchy Spears.

“She got very upset and stormed out of the shoot and wouldn’t come back. Britney is not listening to anyone and doing exactly what she wants. Sometimes she doesn’t know best.”

Uh, sometimes? A rep for Britney Spears, shockingly, didn’t return e-mails.

Meanwhile, another source, who’s not affiliated with Britney Spears or her label that there are “four definite hits on her next album. It’s amazing.”

Well, that seals the deal, then. The Britney comeback is sooooo on! Whether she actually sings or lip-synchs on the record, however, was not specified.