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Britney Spears. Crotch shot. Pink panties. My, how certain words just seem to come together and gravitate towards one another.

Having already showed off her bad ass (self) as well as given us a lovely nipple slip to talk about this week, the pretty pop princess wasn’t done.

With this fine crotch shot, Britney Spears had a bright pink message for celebrity gossip gawkers everywhere. That message: hit me baby, one more time!


Yes, the woman that Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline are forced to call “mom,” continued her public flesh-baring display as she left a nail appointment in L.A. yesterday.

Classy. Expect a new feud with Lynne Spears to begin any moment now.

We suppose it’s good, at least, that she’s got something on up that skirt this time. A step in the right direction. After all, only a few dozen lucky men in the flesh and a few hundred million Internet viewers have seen the uncensored crotch shot.

Better to keep that total down, Britney. Good call, girl. In the meantime, The Hollywood Gossip is starting a pool to bet on when we next write about Britney Spears nude. This gossiper is predicting sometime tomorrow around 11:00 AM PDT.