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In case you thought we were joking about Jillian Blyth being busted for marijuana, here’s some visual evidence of the pot smoker in action.

Yes, the mom of Sanjaya Malakar might be on more drugs than Paula Abdul. She’s already served jail time for growing the ganja – and could be in more hot legal bong water after this photo of her was snapped at a Hollywood party in March.

In the shot, obtained by the National Enquirer and initially posted by TMZ, Blyth appears to be holding a bong and a lighter. According to a source cited by the Enquirer, the 41-year-old Blyth could be in more trouble if this picture suggests that “she’s continuing to break the law,” especially because, says the paper, she was sentenced under 12 months of “community supervision” as part of her felony conviction on drug charges in 2005 that required her to be drug-free.

No wonder Shyamali Malakar nude photos have hit the Internet – Jillian’s daughter is trying to attract attention away from her criminal mother.

On the other hand, says the Enquirer, Blyth’s legal case was officially closed last year. So she may not be in danger of joining Jason Wahler in the slammer.

When American Idol judge Simon Cowell heard about the habit of Sanjaya’s mom, though, he reportedly said: “That’s horrific pot smoking. Just terrible form.”