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Out and about, no pants necessary.

That’s the Mary-Kate Olsen mantra.

The more famous one of the Olsen Twins is seen here kissing her boyfriend earlier this week. She seems to go for guys that don’t put grooming at the top of the list.

Which is appropriate, since the girl’s rare brand of fashion (non)sense is rivaled by only a select few, such as the great Britney Spears.

Nonetheless, it appears Mary-Kate and Max Snow are going strong.

Oh, to be Max Snow. As Mary-Kate’s “rocker” boyfriend, his existence is comprised of being photographed out on dates with the poster child for hobo chic, then going home and doing the nasty to Full House reruns. Some people just have the life.

Here’s the look that Max Snow apparently digs…

  • Oversized men’s shirts
  • Weird ass platform shoes
  • Risky Business style sunglasses
  • Cigarette hanging out of mouth
  • Large cup of coffee at all times
  • Too much makeup
  • Bed head
  • No pants