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Don’t worry, Britney Spears: you’ll be happy when you re-enter rehab in a few weeks.

At least that will be the case if you follow the lead of Lindsay Lohan, according to this drunk’s pals.

“She’s happy where she is and is just taking time to herself to learn and be okay,” stylist friend Nate Newell said. “I’ve been in touch with her and she likes it.”

Lindsay and Bader Image

After a weekend of partying following her DUI citation, Lohan checked into Promises treatment center in Malibu on Memorial Day. Her and Howie Day have probably had a lot of sex there.

“She’s so much in the public eye 24 hours a day that she’s gotten so caught up,” Newell said, making excuses for her skanky friend.”I think she surrounds herself with good people generally, but all the pressure that she’s around has created this alternate universe in a way and it’s hard for her to stay grounded.”

The Hollywood Gossip thinks Newell, and anyone who makes these sorts of excuses, is a complete moron. If Lohan wanted to avoid the public eye, she could maybe stay away from Hyde a few nights a week. Or wear underwear.

If Lindsay wants to face actual pressure, try working two jobs to put food on the table for your family. You might embrace the chance to simply make crappy pop albums after that.

Sorry. We know we’re merely a celebrity gossip blog, but we believe in taking responsibility for one’s own actions. Either that, or blaming your mother for it all.

Especially when that mother is Dina Lohan.