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A friend of Lindsay Lohan claims that her current relationship isn’t serious.

This causes us to wonder if this supposed friend even knows Lindsay Lohan! Has she ever been in a relationship that lasted beyond the second orgasm? With cocaine, perhaps.

The latest boy toy, of course, is Calum Best. And what, specifically, does this source think of the British television personality?

Lindsay and Bader Image

“He’s a piece of s-. He’s a wanna-be celebrity. Lindsay trusts people until they hurt her.”

She also has large boobs. But anyway.

The Hollywood Gossip doesn’t really know Best and we’re not gonna judge him like others seem to judge Tameka Foster. But we just hope he gets checked for every STD known to man.

After all, Lindsay was in typical form at a NYC club with him over the weekend, bearing the Firecrotch and all.

“She was lifting up her skirt, and sending people over to [her friend, deejay] Samantha Ronson when she didn’t like what she was playing,” said a spy.

Sounds like the Lohan we know and want to beat senseless with a tire iron love. But we wonder what Felicity Huffman has to say about her now.