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The Hollywood Gossip has learned that The Game is in police custody after LAPD officers executed a search of his L.A. area home in conjunction with an incident that took place in February.

According to police sources, officers accosted The Game and took him down to the precinct, where the former 50 Cent nemesis was booked on charges of making criminal threats.

We can only assume that means saying he plans to kill some fool. Which is fairly believable, as Game is a frickin’ nut. But as the executive editor of our celebrity gossip staff puts it, “a real rapper would just do it.”

Anyway. He was being extremely cooperative, TMZ reported.

Vida Guerra is surely having a good laugh over this. This at least The Game, a multi-platinum selling rap star, who was formerly a part of da wannabe hard-core G Unit crew, went down in style.

Moments after he was placed in a holding cell at the L.A. County police station, The Game was seen showing off his wad of more than $3,000 cash (that’s how he rolls) – which was temporarily confiscated and counted by police.

The money was returned when The Game posted $50,000 bail Sunday morning. Kevin Federline, who The Game considers “good folks,” was not available for comment.

No word on when Game, who was previously arrested for impersonating an officer in New York, is due back in court.

But don’t expect him to get a slap on the wrist like Taboo.