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Rapper The Game – also known as Jayceon Taylor – pleaded not guilty to charges he impersonated a police officer November 15.

The 50 Cent protege is accused of telling a limo driver he was an undercover cop and ordering him to run several red lights after appearing on David Letterman‘s show.

But his lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman – who enjoyed a leisurely meal Monday with the hip-hop star and his entourage – says the charges are false and that our boy Game is the victim.

THG NOTE: The Game has an entourage? Man, there are some losers out there.

“The police are harassing him,” Lichtman said in defense of his upstanding client. “They don’t have a witness. No supporting deposition. It will be a slam-dunk acquittal or dismissal, it’s up to the D.A.”

The attorney said Game was offered time served today and didn’t even lift his head to respond. It’s an embarrassment for the star, he said, that the cops follow him from the moment he lands to the moment he leaves. A limo driver freaked out and that’s it, and if anything, the cops harassed The Game.

An NYPD rep responded by saying, “If he feels he’s being harassed, he should file a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board.”

We can never imagine The Game doing this. Regardless, he needs to get it together. Impersonating cops? That’s the best he can do? Correct us if we’re wrong, but we thought rappers were supposed to be at least semi-hard.

That’s right. Cokehead/boozehound Tara Conner is officially tougher than this ass clown. And has a better body. As does Brandy, who it looks like killed someone.

Oh, and Game? Next time you want to name-drop famous friends, you gotta do better than Kevin Federline. You jackass.

LAST THG NOTE: We came across a youtube clip of Game describing how he “finger banged” some girl at a party. Dustin Diamond is mad jealous.