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We hope this doesn’t scare off Deryck Whibley.

It’s great that the Canadian rocker has married Avril Lavigne and the newlyweds have moved into the home formerly occupied by Shanna Moakler.

But Whibley may be looking at his wife is a new light after realizing the same thing our celebrity gossip experts have discovered: she looks a whole lot like Elvira. It’s frightening (although nowhere near as frightening as the rumor that David Hans Schmidt possesses a sex tape starring this dark mistress).

Avril Lavigne is Pure Gothic-Chic

Granted, the similarities between Rumer Willis and Jay Leno scare us even more. We haven’t laughed at a late night monologue since this realization. But we’d still prefer our loved one to look like Ashley Tisdale over the queen of the dead.

Then again, it could be worse for Deryck: his wife could resemble David Lee Roth.