Britney Spears Assembles Elite Makeover Team to Help Her Comeback, Wishes Hair Would Grow Back Faster

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To prepare for her May shows at the House of Blues, which officially kicked off her big comeback last night, Britney Spears has been getting some makeover help.

The 25-year-old recovering pop princess enlisted Rick Henry, of L.A.'s Suburbia Salon & Spa, to oversee her post-shave styling and wig selection.

Under Her Um-br-ella

"She's tired of wearing wigs every day," a source says of Spears, whose real locks are now about an inch long and brown after her February buzz cut.

"She wishes her hair would grow faster."

Aww, the poor thing Maybe if she hadn't gone frickin' insane and shaved her head earlier this year, she wouldn't be struggling with such issues.

In any case, in order to make sure she's ready for all her rigorous dance numbers, Britney Spears turned to celebrity trainer Manny Bujold at Malibu Gym.

Bujold, who's different than the Manny (or male nanny) Britney used to hire to care for Sean Preston, has helped whittle her waist with four-days-a-week kickboxing, treadmill and resistance-band sweat sessions.

"It's no-nonsense when she's working," he says of the Spears, who managed to get that fine ass into the size-0 gown she tried on at L.A.'s Sweetpeas & Snapshots on April 27. "She comes ready to push herself."

"Britney busts her ass."

We bet she does. It's not like she wastes time hanging out with Jayden James.

One person she forgot? A stylist! Case in point, Spears put together her own outfit on April 21 in L.A. and left little to the imagination while heading to dance class on April 28.

"She is not using anyone right now," says her latest stylist, Britt Bardo.

Not that J.R. Rotem, who she's reportedly been working with, objects to her skanky outfits. Although we'd all like her to ditch this particular outfit.

And yes, Britney Spears' previous stylist was named Britt Bardo. What a great name. If she's not starring in a porno with Bevin Powers by the end of the year, we'll be disappointed.


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