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Hey, if his career as a drummer doesn’t work out, at least Travis Barker can count on success in this new line of… work. Good grief. Nice that they’re getting along, but shouldn’t Shanna Moakler be in stirrups or something for that kind of intimate examination?


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Yeah. This isn’t as racy as those Antonella Barba pics… but it’s a lot more public. It’s hard to say which is more approprite… or why one would get so many tattoos.

Regardless, the divorced, but reconciled couple basked in the Miami sun over the weekend, leaving few doubts that their war of words on MySpace has apparently been forgotten.

Yes, the relationship between these two loons is almost as difficult to keep track of as Brody Jenner‘s love life. But hey, it’s a lot better than when Barker was hooking up with Paris Hilton.