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When the 10th season of ABC’s hit reality series The Bachelor kicked off last week, America got to know one of the most well-rounded contestants to date.

Both an officer and a gentleman, 30-year-old Andy Baldwin is a navy diver, a doctor, a tri-athlete, a philanthropist and a family man.

Yes. The Bachelor seems to be a genuinely good guy this time around. It’s a bit nauseating for us to admit, but Us Weekly caught up with him for an expanded interview recently, and we have it here for you…

Sierra J.

Us: How did you become the next bachelor?

Andy Baldwin: I didn’t try out – it really came to me.

One of my friends saw an ad and said I’d be great for the show. I was sitting in my office one day last fall and the phone rang. [Producers] called and said “We want you to be on the next season of The Bachelor on ABC.”

I was like “What?” I was recently single and didn’t think it was going to be possible, given my military background. I was skeptical of the type of women they’ve had on in the past and the type of bachelors. After a few emails and calls, I finally mustered up the courage to float the idea past my Commanding Officer, who was totally supportive.

Us: What is it you have that perhaps the bachelors before you didn’t?

Andy Baldwin: I’m not an Italian prince (like Lorenzo Borghese). I’m not an heir to a large tire company, I don’t want to be an actor and I’m not a quarterback. I’m just a guy that grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with a great family. I’m a Navy diver and doctor serving my country out in Pearl Harbor – a wonderful career I’m committed to. I just haven’t met the woman who is right for me yet.

Us: Is the abundance of Southern women vying for your affections on the show perhaps a hint at how things could turn out this season?

Andy Baldwin: [laughs] I don’t know. Wait and see.

Us: On the season premiere, you celebrated your 30th birthday (as recapped by the Sports Gal). Some of the women baked you a cake but swapped out eggs for tequila. How was that?

Andy Baldwin: [laughs] It was delicious! When one of the women expressed she had the same birthday – what are the odds? – I told her it was my birthday too. I had no idea the girls had baked a cake on the spot.

Us: Can you tell us about a particular date you enjoyed during your time on the show?

Andy Baldwin: The date I enjoyed tremendously was the charity date we did – helping a local elementary school redo their grounds. It involved interacting with the kids and helping out the community, something that’s very important to me. To see the women in that environment was truly special.

THG NOTE: We get a similar feeling seeing Hayden Panettiere in other environments.

Us: Do you plan to have children yourself one day?

Andy Baldwin: Definitely. I can’t wait!

Us: Have your Naval buddies at the base been supportive?

Andy Baldwin: They’re super-excited. They cannot wait to meet her and they’re very happy for their doctor. A lot of these navy divers are still single and they said they’d be available for personal bereavement counseling for the women who didn’t get votes.

Us: Lastly, while it will be a while until we learn which lady you’ve chosen on The Bachelor, are you finding it hard to keep your relationship a secret?

Andy Baldwin: So hard. We finished March 14 after seven weeks. It was very intense emotionally and physically but I’m in a very happy place right now.

THG NOTE: Hopefully a different kind of happy place than Sean Stewart goes when ogling his stepmother. Sorry. That was wrong.