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Could it be that Sean Stewart nude photos are NOT the most disturbing news of Rod’s spoiled son from the last few weeks?

TMZ has learned that one of the Sons of Hollywood is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon.

Sean, the brother of Kimberly Stewart, along with two other males, went to a private home in Hollywood last Saturday night, where a large party was in full swing.

Sources were informed that the trio was told they were not welcome – and, shockingly, this didn’t go over too well.

According to witnesses, around 4 a.m., Stewart and his buddies – none of whom included Sons of Hollywood pals, Randy Spelling or David Weintraub – began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried opened the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

This is the sort of action that would make Jason Wahler proud. And no one else.

TMZ spoke with the man inside the truck, who claims his wife suffered “massive lacerations to her legs” from windshield glass. He says that after the alleged attack, he took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was treated.

The LAPD confirms Hollywood detectives are investigating the incident.

If it’s true, you can bet Alec Baldwin will soon be sending Stewart a box of chocolate for taking the World’s Biggest Jerk title away from him for at least a day.