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Maybe he should have called his debut album Playing With Fire… Crotch!

Lindsay Lohan is denying numerous reports suggesting she and (yes, we’re serious) Kevin Federline are a hot new item.

It sounds like total B.S., but there was that rumor surfacing in January that K-Fed hit on Lohan via text message and was rebuffed. Maybe she let her guard down?

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The story goes that Kevin Federline spent the night with Firecrotch at the Raffles L’Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills after she phoned him and invited the rapper to join her for a drink.

Sources tell the National Enquirer:

“Kevin and Lindsay are dating, and Lindsay made the first move… Kevin first met Lindsay through [Britney Spears], and they have always been flirtatious with each other.”

Wow, Lindsay Lohan was flirtatious with someone? If that’s the best they’ve got to back this story up, she must also be dating James Blunt and dozens of other dudes right now.

The insiders claim Federline was invited to “talk business” with Firecrotch and he thought the meeting with Lindsay Lohan would be about a film project.

Of course, that would imply he had some sort of career. If this is true, he had to know the call was about gettin’ horizontal with the incomparable Crotch of Fire.

Lohan reportedly suggested the pair speak in private after Federline turned up with his manager, and then retired to her suite with the newly-divorced father of Kori, Kaleb (with Shar Jackson), Sean Preston and Jayden James.

The publication, which carries zero credibility, claims the couple made love.

Lindsay Lohan, who also carries zero credibility, denies the story.

Who to believe? Not a clue. But we’re pulling for the Enquirer… and the possibility that if K-Fed did tap that ass, he was savvy enough to record it and shop the video around.

This would put any Olivia Mojica or Lauren Conrad sex tape to shame.